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Main St. Pier Mural


City of Daytona Beach




Daytona Beach FL, USA

Size / Medium

60ft x 14ft / Spraypaint

Main Street Pier Mural located in Daytona Beach, FL on the beach. Completed project August 2023. Mural includes Atlantic Reef Fish around a cylindrical concrete structure underneath the pier.

Artist Statement

Main Street Pier Cylinder Mural
Aggregation of Atlantic Reef Fish
Completed August 2023

An aggregation is a loose and unorganized gathering of fish that often contain different species. They aggregate because they are all feeding on the same nourishment or seeking protection from a larger predator. The mural underneath the Main Street Pier in Daytona Beach, FL is an aggregation of various Atlantic fish, mostly reef fish, coming together swimming in the same direction. 

There are multiple colors, shapes, patterns and textures seen throughout the mural, more specifically within each fish. There are many differences among the variety of fish in the mural but they are shown all swimming together in an aggregation.

The same can be said about the differences seen within a community. A strong community functions as one whole unit coming together similar to an aggregation of fish.

The diversity of humans in a community is what makes it unique and vibrant. It is the different cultures, languages, religions and experiences that people bring to the table that create a rich and dynamic community. By learning to appreciate our differences, we can build stronger and more cohesive communities where everyone feels welcome and respected.

The Atlantic reef fish in the mural are representative of the diversity of a balanced functional human community. Both complex systems with many moving parts, there needs to be a level of respect and understanding for all. When we focus our attention on the underwater ecosystems we can also learn a lot about ourselves. 

Florida’s underwater ecosystems and reefs are being destroyed by a variety of human activities. Overfishing is one of the major problems among many others. It can remove too many fish from an ecosystem which can lead to the decline of the population of other marine life that rely on those fish. This causes a cascading effect because each species plays a role in keeping the system balanced. This is one reason that I chose reef fish as my subject matter. I wanted to highlight these small beautiful fish because they too can be the subject of endangerment in the future if we don’t change our behaviors and how we treat our oceans.

Other human activities ruining our underwater ecosystems include shrimp trawling, coral bleaching, climate change and pollution. These are just some of the ways human activities are destroying Florida’s underwater ecosystems and reefs. It is important to protect these important ecosystems so that they can continue to play a role in the balance of our natural world. 

 Underwater ecosystems, more specifically reef fish, are a direct embodiment of our culture and community. I created this larger than life mural of reef fish to bring attention to the connection of humans and all things living/non-living. As an aggregation of fish swim together for protection, food and shelter, so do humans. We as a community all come from different walks of life but make up one whole community collectively. When coming together instead of being divided, it makes life and the world a happier balanced place.

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